December 2017

The Station Master`s Report

Hi from the December 2017 Footbridge Editorial.

As 2017 draws to a close its time for myself and the team to do a little summing up. We are closing this year on a bit of a high. As well as the various personal achievements met by our various members with their superb modelling projects, the forum has grown from strength to strength and made achievements of its own. 459 members at the time of going to pixels and the successful transition between our previous and current hosting provider.

We have also successfully created a development site for the preparation of the migration to our new Xenforo software which nobody has seen as yet but that is hopefully about to change early in 2018. We had planned a 2017 changeover but decided due to the available timescales towards the Christmas run up to postpone this until into the new year. So ……. We have that to look forward to as well as one or two new features that will hopefully be launched more or less in tandem with the new look forum. I’ll keep tight lipped on that for the time being.

We of course had various meet ups both locally and also stretching the boundaries a bit thanks to our Aussie members and that will forever stay in my mind. We intend to try and build on this as we head into the new year with a shout gone out already for both Glasgow and Telford so c’mon you lot ……. Get your travelling heads on. We’d love to meet as many as possible.

There has been many fantastic projects started from electronics, layouts, loco builds and scenic etc which have helped to provide interesting reading as well as the well needed inspiration to help others get the modelling heads on. Gormo’s Shed continues to be a big hit with many waiting for their regular fix as well as having the added bonus of attracting new members in from You Tube and beyond. Excellent work as always Gormo !

There has been a significant rise in the way in which some members have stretched their horizons in terms of embracing different scales in which they model. Ron dabbles with On30, as has Ed at the time of going to pixels. Gary has opened the purse strings to further O gauge goodies as well so that will be something to look out for into the future.

Just a reminder that the first competition which spills into 2018 has been kicked off “ a bridge too far “ which I will look forward to as many as possible submitting an entry in for. Good luck to you all.

I’d like to finish off before handing you over to Gary for this months pick of the posts by thanking our sponsors Townstreet, Scalescenes and Connossieur Models for their continuing support. The prizes which are offered up for our competitions are very much appreciated and they give our modellers something to go for. Many thanks to you all. On the same note, I’d like to give a special mention to Chrissie Pulham for donating the print of her fabulous shed scene as one of our special prizes and as won by Jimmy Styles.

Thanks to the moderators for their freely given services throughout the year and for being there for our members on the occasion that they are required.

Finally, as always, a huge thanks goes out to each and every member for their postings throughout the year and for providing the content that makes the forum such a worthwhile place to visit.
I hope to hear from each and every one of you throughout 2018 and hopefully add a few more to our ranks. I wish you all and your families a great and prosperous New Year.

All the very best,



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