August 2017

The Station Master`s Report

Here we are again, The month of August has passed in a flash.
Its marked a bit of a milestone for me in as much as Luib Bridge has seen its progress marked by its first time assembled as a running layout. There were the usual shinanigans where a couple of faults threatened to pour a little rain on the parade but I got it there. I also started one of the building projects, a warehouse build but that has come to a bit of a halt of late. Time to resurrect it.
There has been a bit of traverser fever in the air as both Paul and Ianvolvo have been progressing their traverser builds with gusto. Both are well on with their respective builds now.
We have had our usual influx of new members with the count rising to 376 at the time of going to pixels. There has been the suggestion of one or two new layouts gracing our screens as well so …… welcome aboard guys …… we look forward to seeing whats to come.
Our little people cameo competition came to a close and there was not one, but two winners. Gary took one half of the title with his fantastic 'country market stall' scene which wins him a OO scale rolling Road and Kimbo stole half the victory with his 'man on the dunny', which bags him a BR Brakevan Kit in O gauge from our Sponsor Jim McGeown at Connoisseur Models.

Speaking of Connoisseur Models, I picked up Kimbo’s prize on his behalf whilst at the Telford Show with Paul, Ron and Pete last week. A fantastic day was had by the four of us with more meet ups potentially coming off for the York show so if you fancy joining up with us …….. as the totem says ……. Everybody welcome.

Our “ how to “ competition announced last month runs through to the end of September so there is still time to enter. Please refer to the competition section for further details or click on the link below. Up for grabs is an FMR grassinator and a Weller 40w soldering iron for the one lucky winner.
The nature of our 2017 Christmas competition should be being announced soon so again, keep your eyes on the competition section for more details.

A couple of threads in particular have stood out for me this month. One being Ron’s Rush City Yard Minnesota where Ron has been busying himself with more scenic and buildings. He has been progressing at his usual “Bat out of hell“ pace…. Don’t worry I’m not about to burst into song, I’ll spare you that, but it is worth a look if you have not already done so.
The next is a thread with a difference …. An ongoing how to but “ from the dark side “. Paul has started up an after school tutorial for those interested in “ the dark side “ It centre’s around the use of the Arduino and so far has convinced a few to make the move over. For those that are interested, it is ongoing and at a leisurely pace as and hen he can rip himself away from the other 101 activities that he is tied up in ( mostly mine ).

Well ….. I’ve blethered on as usual and it’s time for me to hand you over to Gary to give you the highlights from this months pickings.
As always, thanks again for all your participation and continuing interest in the forum and I look forward to another month of progress and banter.

Cheers for now


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Resistance Is Futile...

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Competition No.6 Closes Soon...

We have given you the criteria and tools to enter this competition where you could win a Weller 40 Watt Soldering Iron and a FMR Static Grass Applicator, but it looks like there will be a solitary run-away winner on this one. Get your entry in before September 30...

Inter-active Puzzle No.5...

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