October 2017

The Station Master`s Report

Welcome to the 19th edition of the Footbridge.

It’s pretty hectic as we leave October behind and stampede into November. First thing I note and have only just noticed is the changing seasonal colours here in the UK. All the greens are starting to turn to yellows and browns. Time to take stock of what’s going on around us, especially for the scenically minded amongst us, as its ideal for taking a few snaps to capture and record the ever changing colour of the landscape. How often do we see a layout based on autumnal colours ……… just a thought.
Our Christmas competition has been launched and has attracted a fair bit of interest. First out of the starters block is Jimmy Styles with an excellent festive scene, Chapel Rise, which is proving to set the bar and act as a continuation of his enviable modelling skills as already proven through his previous military based layout Operation Abyss.
On the same subject, I can now confirm that the prizes available for the first and second place winners are a fantastic print of one of Chrissie Pulham’s absolutely phenominal railway based themes entitled “ Should we really be here ? “. ( 1st prize ) and £150.00 of Townstreet vouchers to spend on products to that value, from Townstreets product range. …….. not bad I’d say.

The forum itself has continued to grow to the grand total of 415 members as we go to pixels and that as well as being through the viewing of the forum itself based on some of the fantastic projects that are underway, is in no small part due to the popularity of Gormo’s shed and the associated youtube channel which Gormo continually updates. Many thanks to all our members and a special thanks goes out to Gormo for his continuing hard work and success with his Railway room projects.

Also a big Platform1 welcome to our latest new members. …….. Hope you all enjoy the ride.

We ( Paul and I ) are busy preparing for the Elgin Exhibition as we type and I am awaiting for a visit from “ the wizard of Oz “ ( Gary ) who will be jetting it across on Thursday the 9th November to assist as an operator ( amongst other things ) before jetting it back home the following Tuesday. Nuts or Wot ??????. We also have Scottystitch as a volunteer to dabble with the controls on the Saturday so I am looking forward to meeting up with him again. We will post up the Gen and some pictures on our return. We will be live on the forum from Elgin throughout the weekend.

OK ………. At last …….. I have the pleasure of informing everyone that the ongoing testing of the forum with reference to changing hosts has finally bore fruit. Please note that we shall be switching off the forum at approximately 12 noon on Saturday the 4th November 2017 in order to move the live forum to its new place of residence. The shut down could last for anything up to 48 hours, so roughly Monday at noon. We anticipate the actual time to do this will be much shorter so please keep checking the forum over the space of the weekend. ( ideally I would like to see the forum switched back in by Saturday night but no guarantees ).We shall do our best to minimise the down time whilst we carry out the forums migration to its new host.
On the forums reinstatement, we shall put a notification up on facebook and send an email shot around the members. If you do go on to check if we are back up and running, please refresh your browser ( or Cache ) by pressing F5.
When visiting after the shutdown, the Forum should look exactly the same. The only difference that you will notice ( and benefit from ) is the increased speed in the forums responsiveness. Things should operate faster due to an upgraded package on our own Virtual Private Server.
Further changes ( new forum software ) are currently in their development stages at the moment and we shall advise of the progress on that once we have successfully undertaken this weekends host migration.
So ……. Enough from me for the moment. All that’s left for me to do is hand you over to Gary for this month’s pick of the projects and to once again, thank you all for sharing the journey with us.

Happy modelling


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