JUNE 2018

The Station Master`s Report

Welcome to the sixth Footbridge Editorial of 2018.

So, June has gone ……. And so have my holidays for another year. Cyprus no more. A great break but as always, the need to return to the grind beckoned. However, I may have been on holiday but the forum certainly wasn’t. There has been plenty going on and I aim to just cover the highlights here.
Gary, SMR Chris and the Aussie team were busy wowing their ware’s at the Rosehill exhibition and by all accounts had another very successful exhibition. Gary was joined by a number of the motley crew from Platform1 offering their assistance and moral support. Thanks guys for taking part, helping out and flying the flag for Platform1.

Paul has been busy this month with his bridge build in another bridge too far and the scenic have commenced. He has taken a bit of a break as he visited Platorm1 HQ down in Edinburgh to make a few changes to the Luib Bridge traverser mark1 and is also in the throws of developing the design for traversers 2 & 3 for Luib Bridge, the joint modular layout design. You can visit and catch up with his progress in the “ toto’s traversers “ thread.

A thread to keep your eye on is David's 'Talyllyn Junction'. There are some terrific builds going on there and have lately been the target of our POTW. Congratulations David and we look forward to following your progress.

Our very own Ianvolvo ( aka tintoman ) has given us a brief update to let us know that his book is progressing and is approximately one third of the way there. Have a read at his post “ The author within “ to find out more about it.

Wombat has stirred up interest in his latest venture “ Gordon ironworks “ having posted up some of the plans showing the way ahead. All part of a 5 module layout which looks to be very promising. Keep up the good work kind Sir.

As you will no doubt remember from last month, Platform 1 continued to attract new members and in addition the endorsement of Ellis Clark Trains who joined us as our fourth official sponsor. Well ……. This month is no different in that we continue to attract further members to the ranks and can also announce the presence of a further Sponsor in Steve Beattie Developments.
Steve Beattie Developments is primarily committed to the development of products in the larger scales, O gauge and upwards. He has a well established portfolio of diesel locomotive kits, engine kits and detailing kits currently in O gauge with further products being developed with some due for announcement in the not to distant future. I personally have bought a few of his kits now and although I have not ventured as far as the build yet, can happily attest to the levels of service both through initial sales and any after sales queries or assistance required. The artwork is currently under installation as we go to pixels and as usual, clicking on it will lead you directly through to his site to view his products. Steve will be updating us with news on new products as and when appropriate and will also keep us up to speed on the restocking of existing products. Please feel free to look up his welcome thread and welcome him aboard.

Now ……. I touched on the subject of a new feature that is currently a work in progress here at Platform1. We are looking into the creation of a new web page. Once the format has been designed and draughted, we will be piloting a scheme where we will be offering a web page to committed members to “ Showcase “ there works and other hobby related interests in a more detailed manner and all under one roof so to speak. These pages will be known as the “ Platform1 Showcase Showdown “ and will be limited and only available for those with the commitment to keep the content updated and current. The page design will be of a 'Platform1 corporate design' which will be instantly recognisable, but will offer certain freedoms and scope for the member to determine and maintain their own content. An overall maintenance regime will be in place under the Platform1 forums structure. It will be a fairly slow development initially to get the format of the page off the ground but things are currently in the initial planning stages at the moment. We shall keep you all informed as things progress.

We have recently had our share of 'forum spammers' trying to make their way in and one or two have succeeded. They have been identified quickly and dealt with but I would ask that if anyone see’s an inappropriate posts or activity on the forum, please PM any of the Moderators who will bring it to the attention of the Administration team. Your assistance in this is greatly appreciated in our attempts to keep the forum spam free.

A timely reminder that our current photography competition is due to time out at the end of July so if you want to be in with a chance of winning a very hand mini camcorder, ideal for those drivers track views / cab rides, get your entries in. As always …… 'you’ve got to be in it to win it'.

On the subject of competitions, we will shortly be announcing another couple of competitions, one being our annual Christmas one which historically has been announced early mid year with a view to being drawn for the end of November. This tend to be quite an involved competition which is the reason for allowing plenty of time to get your thoughts together for it. More news on that is to follow. Meanwhile, there will be one or two further competitions with shorter time spans which shall also be announced over the coming weeks and months. Keep your eyes open on the Competition section for further details.

Well ……. I think I’ve bleated on enough for the moment although I could easily have the blood trickling from your ears for a bit longer. However, its time to hand you over to the Wizard of Oz, Gary, to give you this months “ pick of the posts”.

Once again, thanks to everyone from our members to our sponsors for their great support and contributions which all goes towards the building of a stronger and more interesting forum for us all to enjoy. I am truly indebted.

Cheers for now,



Thank you to our P1MRC Volunteers

3 BIG days were had by SMR Chris, Gary and the gang of P1MRC Volunteers over the weekend of the EMRC's Exhibition held at Rosehill Gardens. Check out the videos and pics of what was the 'best' exhibition we have attended !


Fire and Iron in the Garage

Whilst on the subject of what's happening in Oz, a modular steel works layout is in the making. This is Wombat's second layout, so grab your ticket and travel along with him on his journey...


In Through The Out Door

Heading 2311 miles west of Wombat's railway, we have Ralph's garden railway. Extending an O gauge garage layout into the yard is a big exercise, let alone the engineering behind it. Read on how this is being achieved...


Meanwhile, in the Outback...

SMR Chris and Shelley are touring the Ozzie Outback. Check out the great photo collection that they have been posting whilst they have had 'some' internet access..!


Aussie Intuition and Magnetic Fields

Gormo has been hard at it again, this time developing his very own 3 link coupling system for OO models. Get into Gormo's creative mind set with this great thread...


Inter-active Puzzle No. 12....

Here is a small portion of a photo from one of the great layouts that graced the pages of Platform 1 MRC. Can you name the layout thread the picture belongs to...??     

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